Famously launched in 1968, designboard was created in the midst of a forward thinking and passionate era well known for its diverse creativity and challenging attitude towards the norm. Specialising in product, brand and structural design, we were immediately engaged by one of the industry’s global giants and next-door neighbour, Procter & Gamble. Together we created the first ever Ariel detergent brand identity and packaging design, as well as the branding and communication strategies for many of P&G’s first innovations within Fabric Care, Household and Personal Hygiene.

We were blessed with innovative and dynamic clients and projects, right from the word go. Another well-known neighbour was The Coca-Cola Company (yes we were in a great location) and in the early seventies we developed both the print ads and packaging design for Minut Maid’s first ever ready-to-drink chilled juice. We also worked on several Sprite and Fanta packaging designs as well as a structural design for Nestea (which was co-owned by TCCC & Nestle) for a special vending machine bottle. It was another partnership that would last for many decades and see us working across many of Coca-Cola’s water, coffee, juice and soft drink brands.

During the eighties and nineties, we grew to embrace a diverse portfolio of FMCG categories and other exciting industries. Partnering with retailers both locally and abroad we were soon working on everything from DIY, Luxury Goods and Pharmaceuticals, to Financial Institutions and Fashion. We established our in-house photo-studio and post production wing, and also set up our communication team. It enabled us to nurture many of Europe’s largest companies, their corporate identities and B2B2C propositions.

By the new Millennium we could no longer hold off our expansion into Eastern Europe and Africa. We had been working across CEEMEA for many years and understood the great importance of local expertise and know-how. It was with our clients’ encouragement that we opened our agency doors in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2008 and Cairo, Egypt in 2010. We also took our first steps into the world of digital marketing and content creation, developing online strategies for our clients’ branding campaigns.

Today we are a fully-fledged Omni-channel Branding & Communication agency, dedicated to creating real value for everyday consumers.