Industry: Food / Office: Rotterdam

The Challenge

VanReusel is one of the most trustworthy and respected producers and suppliers of innovative convenience food for the food service industry. “Based on insight in the competitive snack market, can you position our new chicken product,” they asked Design Board. Part of our assignment was the development of a remarkable and distinctive product identity, packaging and POS materials.

Concept & Solution

We created a striking snack brand with conceptual references to authenticity, craftsmanship and American cooking. Mad Roosters serves up an eye-catching presence in fast food restaurants; a little brazen, loud, audacious, yet extremely crispy and tasty. It is old-school quality with a cool, modern twist.


Design Board is responsible for the visual strategy, the practical product identity passport, logo and branding style elements, packaging and different POS materials. These have made Mad Roosters the “cluck of the town”. It is the snack for people who like a seriously crunchy bite.

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